Instead of abstaining or not voting at all, the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist decided to take the anti-RH bill stand on House Bill 4244 otherwise known as the Reproductive Health Bill now pending in plenary of the House of Representatives.

“I cannot stomach the confusion wrought among our people by the Maoist pseudo partylist lawmakers, who ever since have professed pro-RH bill stand,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover in explaining his change of heart from a RH bill proponent to one that is opposed to it.

“Indeed, my endorsement then of HB 4244 was anchored on my firm belief that this could best serve the interest and welfare of our people and country. But the way Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Alliance of Concerned Teachers, and Kabataan is discussing the issue as seen in their statements issued to the media and in the different forums conducted, it is very clear that raising of the issue of divorce and interloping the same in the discussions on the proposed RH bill definitely has muddled the very core issue of House Bill 4244,” Rep. Alcover explained

“Why are they discussing the issue of Divorce when not even a single word or phrase about it can be read in the entire text of HB 4244, as submitted to the plenary debates? Truly this reflects the utter insincerity of these proponents of the RH Bill where plainly their focus is not to defend the measure and ensure its passage in the House but to sow confusion among our people,” Rep. Alcover added.

Pointing to a converging and tactical alliance among the Maoist pseudo partylist groups and the Socialist-leaning Akbayan, solely on the issue of the proposed RH bill intently interspersed with the subject of Divorce, Rep. Alcover decried the propensity of these groups to foment misunderstanding, confusion, and chaos among our people, “Amidst the strong opposition of the Roman Catholic Church anchored on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the Church, they intensely wanted to drive a wedge to divide our people and country. This vividly tells us of their real character and intention which they shall actively partake to the detriment of our country’s future,” he said.

“ANAD maintains that the root cause of the problem of poverty among our people is not the ever increasing population but terrorism that has pestered our people’s lives, especially those in the countryside, covering some 42 years already and still continuing. Because of this I am seriously questioning their sincerity on HB 4244,” he pointed out.

“With these developments unraveling before us, I find it best to vote NO rather than submitting an abstention when we shall be asked to vote in the House,” clarified the ANAD solon.

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