“To make good of his pledge to weed-out graft and corruption in government, PNoy should tell the Filipino people on how the Php 21 billion Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT)
fund was spent and who were the actual beneficiaries of the fund,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover.

Saying that when there is smoke, there’s fire, Rep. Alcover said that there are moves ot increase the CCT by 2 to 3 billion pesos to cover a total of some 2 million
beneficiaries nationwide. “Yet the Department of Social Welfare, through Secretary Dinky Soliman has not made a report to the public on the list of beneficiaries of the fund, either individually or by organization, until today” he explained.

Rumors are afloat and circulating wildfire that Maoist and Socialist-Democrat sectoral organizations are the actual recipients of the CCT fund where a big chunk of it has
already been earmarked to fund anti-government programs and activities. “If the information is true then parang niluluto tayo sa sariling mantika! I think some quarters will not take this sitting down,” said Rep. Alcover.

“Definitely we cannot just easily set aside this information because this pertains to a government fund that the PNoy administration has vowed to judiciously allocate and its disbursement be made public in the spirit of transparency,” the ANAD solon declared.

Reminding President Aquino III of his commitment to cleanse government of graft and corruption, “President Aquino III must order Secretary Soliman to make a written and detailed report to the Filipino people on how the CCT fund was allocated and disbursed. This is the only way to prevent undue speculation among our people and send a message that this administration is sincere in its commitments,” Rep. Alcover said.

“However, if indeed unseen hands are behind in manipulating the CCT funds, President Aquino III must act quickly, let heads roll where it should, and make those involved
face the wrath of the law,” he added.

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