“Government should act with resolve against the illegal activities in the country that have been the primary sources of Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines funds used in its anti-government campaigns.”

ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover made this call as recent developments and informations from sources within the Maoist terrorist organization revealed a determined effort of the CPP-NPA- NDF to vigorously pursue revenue generating endeavors, e.g. extortion, protection and direct engagements in the proliferation and trafficking of illegal drugs, protection in illegal logging and illegal gambling activities, to ensure adequate funds to replenish their constantly depleting finances.

“The reports said about daring Maoist NPA plans to harass military and police units and the so-called counter-revolutionary residents in areas where illegal activities are rampant to send a chilling message to the Filipinos that they are still around and capable to inflict harm and damage to anyone who refuse to accede to their demands,” he said.

The ANAD solon was referring to the successful raid, last July 8, 2011, on a 4-hectare marijuana plantation in Sitio Mactan, Barangay Kasapa 1, Loreto, Agusan del Sur where 5,371 fully grown marijuana plants, valued at about Php 2 million were uprooted and burned by combined elements of PDEA-Region 13, Regional Public Safety Battalion-13, soldiers and CAA personnel of the 402nd Bde, PA, and ‘Charlie’ company of the Army’s 26th IB; the recent treacherous and grizzly murder of Police Supt. Superintendent Rodney Ramirez, who was shot dead by a SPARU unit of the NPA in Taal, Batangas, last July 12, 2011, upon the request of a notorious drug lord there; the proliferation of illegal drugs in Northern Luzon; and the unabated illegal logging activities in the provinces of Southern Tagalog, Eastern Visayas, and Caraga Region, among other.

“The marijuana plantation in Loreto, Agusan del Sur is situated right in the area that is influenced and controlled by the NPA’s Guerrilla Front 88 of the North Central Mindanao Committee. Likewise we must not forget the NPA attack against a Bantay Kalikasan checkpoint in Barangay Pulang Lupa, Trento, Agusan del Sur, last Feb 6, 2011, where a son of one of its employee was killed. This is aside from the unabated and merciless extortion activities committed against hapless civilians and businesses. All these strongly validate Maoist communist’s direct involvement in the proliferation of illegal activities in the country,” Rep. Alcover said.

“Instead of indulging in the useless and counter-productive peace talks with the Maoist terrorist CPP-NDF, which does not believe in any peaceful resolution of conflicts, it would be better and wise for government to throw the gauntlet against them to preserve our country’s peace and make Jose Ma. Sison and his cortège of demagogues answer for their crimes against humanity and environment,” he pointed out.

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