“This is not merely a wake-up call but instead should cause government to be more resolute in ending the peace talks that not only has become senseless but a waste of government’s effort and taxpayers’ money,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as the pro-democracy alliance condemned, in strongest terms, the treachery surrounding the murder of 1 army officer, 10 enlisted personnel of the Philippine Army’s 86th Infantry Battalion and a civilian; and the wounding of another army officer and 2 civilian members of Army brass band, in an ambush by Maoist terrorist NPA in Barangay Gumbang, Tinoc, Ifugao, last Wednesday (April 25).

Media reports showed that the military convoy, led by Lt. Col. Eugene Battara, commanding officer of the Army’s 86th IB, 5ID, was moving towards their headquarters at Kiangan, Ifugao following a successful turnover ceremony in Tinoc town, when ambushed by the terrorists.

“From the beginning, ANAD has been strong and consistent in prodding government to end the peace talks with the Maoist communist terrorists because we knew fully well that the latter obligingly shall engage in this particular exercise only as a tool to advance their demonic national democratic revolution. Now we’re proven correct,” said Rep. Alcover. “Besides, the Maoist CPP, through their Satanic icon leader Jose Ma. Sison and some 26 years under several presidential administrations, never manifested real sincerity in seeking the path of peace,” Rep. Alcover added.

Aside from the Ifugao gory ambush, the sole pro-democracy solon pointed to the recent rash of NPA initiated atrocities against the government and peace loving Filipinos: a) the NPA raid on a private security agency, in Butuan City, last Monday (April 23) carting away some 46 AK-47 assault rifles, 3 M-14 sniper rifles, 10 gauge 12 shotguns, 10 9mm pistols, and undetermined number of ammunitions; b) the burning of a backhoe and a fuel tanker of a private construction company in Brgy. Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte, last Wednesday (April 25) after the owner refused to give Php 50 million demanded by the Maoist terrorist’s NorthEastern Mindanao Revolutionary Committee (NEMRC); c) treacherous killings, by NPA Sparu units, of several paramilitary personnel and civilians in the different parts of the country; d) continued use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) against military and police units conducting security patrols in the countryside; and d) the forced evacuation of lumads and ordinary Filipinos in Caraga, ordered by the NPAs and stage-managed by Kahugpongan Sa Lumad (KASALU) and other Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations, to end military operation there.

“These are some but telling violent incidents perpetrated by the Godless Maoist terrorist NPAs that PNoy should’ve given prior attention and not just easily brushed aside,” Rep. Alcover said. “How far and until when shall government actively partake in the Maoist terrorist’s script and zarzuela of lies, pretensions, and violence? Undeniable is the fact that prospects for peace is now more blurred and dimmer as the days goes by because of the terrorist’s utter refusal to heed Filipinos’ clamor for peace in the face of their unrelenting pursuit to topple the country’s free and democratic governance!” he added.

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