“It’s the same dog with a different collar!” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover in describing Maoist terrorist satanic icon Jose Ma. Sison’s latest proposal to forge an alliance and truce with the government of the Republic of the Philippines through a ‘Special Track’.

The former NPA political and commanding officer in Eastern and Central Visayas turned staunch pro-democracy advocate pointed out that forging an alliance is no different from the coalition that Sison tried to deceptively wiggle out but government thumbed it down.

“Plain and simple, alliance means to associate (unite) to further a common interest; while a coalition clearly speaks of establishing a temporary alliance of distinct parties, persons, or states for joint action” said Rep. Alcover as he scored GPH panel head Atty. Alex Padilla telling media, “But let me make it clear we are only talking of an alliance here. We are not talking of coalition or power sharing or giving Cabinet posts to the CPP-NDFP,” (May 2, 2011, www.manilastandardtoday.com)

The same media report quoted Atty. Padilla saying that the Aquino administration is open to Sison’s proposal, made during an on-line lecture before the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP). “Accepting suggestion from a recommendatory body, created by the Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front is likened to the President and all of his alter-egos in government, including Atty. Padilla, jumping into a pool infested with hungry man-eating sharks and crocodiles. It is not only political suicide but clearly giving away our cherished freedoms and democracy to Joma and his cabal of devouring leeches, in a silver platter!” Rep. Alcover explained.

“I am not surprised if Padilla now is speaking in the same track and bandwidth as that of Sison considering their long and standing association in the communist organization where Padilla was reportedly one of the pioneering members of the Maoist sectoral front organization – League of Filipino Students (LFS),” he added as he called on Padilla to clarify the phrase –‘Special Track’ that Sison specifically mentioned.

“Sison and his ilk continue to parade the very same lies and vile, patently insidious and with more vigor, to deceive and poison the minds of our people. Obviously, they’re using every means possible, especially their well placed minions in Malacanang, to fast track their national democratic revolution!” the lone pro-democracy solon pointed out.

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