The goriest of all killings of innocent and helpless Filipinos are justified by the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front as revolutionary acts (sic!). Yet they have the stomach to demand justice from the government that they’re obsessed in destroying! They recklessly murder people without serving out the required due process [...]

Many have said that “People Power” connotes the decisive voice of the people on certain issues and concerns, particularly those pertaining to our country’s well being. Recent news reports have unraveled disturbing situations that necessitates deep soul searching by everyone, especially those whose love for country, freedom, peace, and the rule of law are unwavering [...]

The country is now made to bear witness to a very important political development that might alter the historical track of our freedoms, democratic well being, and institutions. The Filipino people is forced to a very serious situation purposely and meticulously culled by those whose ulterior motive is to institute political change: from a republican-presidential [...]

Indeed, a situation is carefully crafted by both well-meaning Maoist and Smiling communists in their bid to methodically destroy our freedoms and democratic ideals. News headlines, both in print and broadcast media, e.g. radio and television, are sending chilling signals down our spine. The country was brought to a very alarming situation where the executive [...]

The truth has finally come out. Those who had been manifest in showing utter pretensions are now unmasked! This is the sentiment of the general members of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist to the Supreme Court Resolution, dated October 4, 2011, denying the petition filed by David Odilao Jr., Leborio Jangao Jr., [...]

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