The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist, founded in l988, is a non-government organization composed mainly of former Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army- National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) rebels, victims of Maoist terrorist atrocities and violence, and ordinary civilians whose love for freedom and democracy reigns supreme over any other political consideration.

From a small group of former Maoist communist CPP-NPA rebels, Pastor ‘Jun’ M. Alcover Jr., a former NPA political and commanding officer in Eastern and Central Visayas, during the middle 70’s, whipped up and turned the once anti-communist organization then known as Katipunan Para sa Demokratikong Reporma (KADRE) into a nationwide pro-democracy group, then known as National Alliance for Democracy (NAD), fully engaged in a peaceful campaign of education, counter-organization and mobilization of Filipinos, to effectively confront and oppose Maoist communist terrorism in the country.

Widely known as Jun Alcover, he was instrumental in the formation and mobilization of the famous Alsa Masa of Davao City. It was during one of his trips to Davao City that Jun Alcover met Raymond Solidum of the US Embassy in Manila, who was then conducting a discreet investigation on a so-called ‘NPA sleeper’ who was masquerading as an Alsa Masa member.

With the entry of Maoist terrorist’s pseudo partylist organizations, e.g. Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), and Kabataan, into Congress, the pro-democracy advocates decided to bring the peaceful pro-democracy campaign into country’s legislature in 2001, ANAD decided to enter into Congress, the partylist system where it now today.

Today, ANAD Partylist, though dubbed as “Congress’ Lone Ranger” is untiring in its effort to carry the “Voice of Real Freedom and Democracy” inside the House of Representatives.